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    Family Portraits and Executive Portraits
    Michael’s approach to Executive Portrait Photography takes into account busy schedules, and customizes a solution in comfortable surroundings that make the Executive feel comfortable and respected. Michael doesn’t deliver the boring hard-nosed, "fear me" portraits that are a dime a dozen. He evades the traditional, stuffy, harsh posed Executive Portraits and makes his clients feel at ease and looking their best. His Executive Portraits have been featured in many business books and newspaper articles and web sites.

    Weddings and Engagements
    We create masterful creations or heirlooms that capture the magic of your special day, we are skilled in achieving customer delight. We collaborate as your partner to achieve extraordinary results as a team. We can create any style from romatic to artistic, journalistic or as we call it ubiquitous. We match your unique requirements at our wedding consultation.

    No wedding is the same, so why should your pictures look the as same everyone else's? We shy away from the cookie cutter wedding shots and partner with you to create an experience that is one of a kind. We caputure your moment as a "work or art" instead of a regular photograph. Check out Weddings by Michael Laws

    ~ Masterful Photography is affordable with a personal touch and attention to detail... Our approach delivers beautiful works of Fine Art or a journalistic sojourn of the magic that is uniquely yours at reasonable prices. Now after more than 20 years as a Corp. Executive, and numerous awards for "Creating Creations," he is ready to translate that same magic to online clients that are truly looking for a "work of art," instead of a regular photograph.
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